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Intensive Course German for Academic Studies, 29.08.-07.09.2022
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The University offers non-native speaking students starting their studies an intensive course, which will prepare them for the language requirements of the university studie

The Intensive Course "German for Academic Studies” provides the ideal entry to prepare yourself for the peculiarities and use of the German language. The emphasis of the course lies on the language of Business and Law. You will practice the according German vocabulary and the dealing with complex academic text structures.

Additionally, you will specifically train those linguistic competencies, which are necessary for communication in day-to-day student life. You will pratice the rapid comprehension and processing of academic information, the posing of questions, and subject-relevant discussions.

The course is aimed at matriculated students of the Assessment Year at the University of St.Gallen, who have a foreign language as their native language. These students will receive further information (including the payment slips) from the University of St. Gallen via mail in July. Please find the course description and other important information on this website.

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