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English for Academic Studies - Intensive Course - 29.08.-09.09.2022
General description
English for Academic Studies is intended for those students of the Assessment Year who need to improve their English language skills prior to commencing a programme of studies in English at the University of St Gallen.

Course content
This intensive course, consisting of 48 lessons over eight days, will cover the following topics:

Listening and Note Taking: This will focus on listening in lectures for gist and key information; making concise and understandable notes.
Discussing Academic Topics in English: Participants will learn a range of interactive expressions useful for classroom discussions and will practise these during the course.
Presentation Skills: We will work on building confidence and managing presentations. Participants will give a mini-presentation during the course and receive feedback from peers and the teacher.
Grammar Refresher: This will involve the aspects of grammar pertinent to academic writing, such as tenses, use of the passive, articles, relative clauses, punctuation etc.
Vocabulary: This will include awareness-raising activities, especially on collocations.
Academic Writing Skills: This will include aspects such as text structure, cohesive devices and academic style. Participants will have the chance to work on writing an academic essay.

This registration is binding. The course will cost CHF 420.- (course materials of CHF 20.- included).

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