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General description
The license of the internationally renown language learning system Rosetta Stone gives you full access to 24 languages on beginner level and allows deeper insights into 7 of them on advanced level.

Find the perfect start into your language training with the placement test
There is one single login for the both product parts mentioned below since beginning of July 2020. The whole product is called "Rosetta Stone® Catalyst". You can chose the language you wish to learn when you log in for the first time. Then, a placement test will evaluate, where you are to be placed in the learning path for you to effectively continue your training in case that you already have build some skills. This saves you from the annoying search for the right starting point.

Rosetta Stone® Foundations
What makes Rosetta Stone® Foundation so special is the deliberate avoidance of translations, vocabulary lists, as well as grammar lessons. Instead, the program focuses on images, audio examples, and interactive exercises. This allows you to playfully learn and train many new words, expressions, and sentence structures in the new language. Rosetta Stone Foundation is especially suitable for your preparation of languages studies abroad, holidays or as a supplement to the language courses of the university, situated around level A1 to B1 of the CEFR.

Rosetta Stone® Fluency Builder
Rosetta Stone Advantage is designed to amplify the languages listed below in a varied and appealing manner to a professional level. By doing so, it is the ideal supplement for students to amplify their learning progress in the advanced language courses at the University of St.Gallen from CEFR level B2 to C2. Furthermore, it gives employees of the university the opportunity, to improve their language skills while taking into consideration their work load and limited timely flexibility.

Please find further information on Rosetta Stone Catalyst on our website.
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