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General description
The license of the internationally renown language learning system Rosetta Stone gives you full access to 25 languages.

The Language Center of the University of St.Gallen is giving students the opportunity to obtain a license for the online language course Rosetta Stone® at a reduced price.

What makes Rosetta Stone so special
It's the deliberate avoidance of translations, vocabulary lists, as well as grammar lessons that distinguishes this language program from others. Instead, the program focusses on images, audio examples, and interactive exercises. This allows you to playfully learn and train many new words, expressions, and sentence structures in the new language.
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Rosetta Stone Foundation Licence - 3 months:
Price/month: CHF 20.00
(Discount: 0%)
Total price: CHF 60.00
Rosetta Stone Foundation Licence - 6 months:
Price/month: CHF 16.00
(Discount: 20%)
Total price: CHF 96.00
Rosetta Stone Foundation Licence - 12 months:
Price/month: CHF 14.00
(Discount: 30%)
Total price: CHF 168.00

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